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We respect you and value your time at earthBOUND.  Please be aware of our Cancellation Policy. 


A Credit Card or Gift certificate is required to guarentee any and all Salon/Spa appointments. earthBound observes strict privacy policies and will not disclose any personal and/or financial information to any other party.


Appointment Cancellation within LESS than 24 Hour Notice:

Your appointment will be cancelled/rescheduled at your request with 50% of the service price applied to the credit card or gift certificate


Appointment Cancellation WITHOUT NOTICE/NO SHOW:

The appointment will be cancelled. The full amount of the scheduled service will be applied to the credit card or gift certificate on file. A 50% deposit will be required to book future appointments.


Late Arrival:

Every effort will be made to accommodate late arrivals. If either, partial or none of the service can be provided, the client is responsible for the full amount of the scheduled service.


Permanent Make-Up Cancellation Policy:

Please see the Permanent Make-Up Cancellation Policy HERE as it is different.

Unsatisfied with your visit?

If you are unhappy with your service provided at Earthbound, please contact us within one week of your service, so we can address it promptly. We value our clients, and while we do not offer service refunds here, there are a few things we can do for you!


We appreciate your feedback, and use experiences to learn, and better ourselves, which is why if you let us know you are unhappy within one week of your service, we will offer to address your concerns at no additional cost to you. We do appreciate your willingness to give the same technician a second chance to give you the results you were looking for; however, we are willing to set you up with a different technician if it will make you more comfortable. 

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