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earthBound Basic Facial

This facial is back to the basics.  A deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask and hydration address everyday skin needs.  Great for all skin types.

​Organic Gemstone Facial

Calm overexposed skin.  Sun exposure damages skin contributing to premature aging.  This exclusive facial will soothe your skin and incorporate pure gemstones that rejuvenate the skin.  Excellent for lymph drainage and detoxification.

earthBOUND Custom Facial

This is a nourishing treatment designed for any skin type - dry, oily, combination, element exposed or acneic.  Your skin will be assessed at the time of the appointment so it receives just what it needs!

New Complexion Facial

Restore a glowing complexion with  our deep cleansing facial polish designed to remove dry, tired skin to introduce new healthier skin.  Acupressure therapy will be applied to help stimulate circulation and promote skin health. Excellent for oily/acne skin.

earthBOUND Signature Facial

This facial is designed to meet your individual needs.  A sensory experience, you'll be pampered from your head to your toes.  The therapist will utilize breathing techniques and aromatheraphy to put you into a serene state of mind for your facial.

Express Facial

This treatment is designed for a quick rejuvenation.  You can choose to focus on hydration, exfoliation or relaxation.

Specialty Firming Facial

This Vitamin C enriched facial will hydrate and firm the skin leaving a healthier, radiant, luminous complexion.

Specialty Hydrating Facial

Quench your skin's thirst in this hydrating facial designed to restore radiance to dry, lackluster skin.

Chemical Peels and
Advanced Skin Care

By consultation only.

Back Facial

Treat your back to a deep cleansing and pore refreshing experience.  Allow our therapist to customize your cleanser and mask to nourish your skin's health and restore clarity to congested areas.

Facial Compliment:
Hydrating Hand Treatment

This is a great treatment to add on to any facial or body service to soften and restore the hand's moisture and complexion.  Great for over-exposed or dehydrated hands and nails.

Facial Compliment:
Eye Cure

Rejuvenating eye treatment using earth stones and pressure point therapy increases circulation in the eye area.  Infused with serums, this treatment: reduces puffiness, dark circles, minimizes fine lines.

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