Meet our talented, caring, creative and downright amazing staff here at earthBound.  Of course we're biased, but we haven't been in business since 2008 due to good luck.  We hire incredible people who are dedicated to making each client's visit exceptional. 

Loan Thai - Esthetician + Nail Tech + Permanent Make-Up

Loan is an esthetician, specializing in waxing (soft, hard and sugaring) and airbrush makeup. She is also an accomplished permanent makeup artist.  She has been thriving in cosmetology for over 18 years, and loves learning new techniques as the industry continues to evolve.   Her commitment to furthering her education in permanent make up has taken her from the East to West coast to study from some of the most talented professionals in the country. Her drive to perfect her craft has lead her to attended multiple classes and seminars, complete an advanced microblading course and gain a master certification in permanent make up. Making her clients happy and boosting their self-esteem is something she's proud to have a hand in; especially when she can change the way a woman looks in less than 10 minutes through shaping her brows!  When not dreaming about eye brows, Loan enjoys riding her bike and fishing.  After a hard days work, she looks forward to partaking in self-care.  She is known to enjoy a meal at Indochine or feel pampered at earthBOUND.

Fun Q+A:

Where would you like to travel next?  Bora Bora!

What are your favorite shoes?  Vince Camuto stillettos + Merrell riding boots

What is your favorite quote?  "Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened."  -Dr. Seuss

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things MUST you have?

1.  Music

2.  Chapstick

3.  "Taco", her favorite blanket

Brooke Tulipani Hair Stylist

Brooke has been here at earthBound, warming her way into our hearts for over a year now,  but has been a licensed hairstylist for over fifteen years. She is Devacurl certified, Brazilian Blowout certified, and has a real talent for haircuts. Brooke's eye for face shape, skin tone, and an overall appreciation for all hair types makes her an exceptional stylist. Brooke's clients love coming to see her- she always knows how to make you feel special, and truly treats each and every person who comes to sit in her chair like a star. When Brooke isn't here in the salon, she loves spending time with her amazing daughter, Aubrey, and appreciating all kinds of music, spirit, and art.  

Shannon Giegerich- Hair Stylist

Shannon was born in the hustle and bustle of New York, and shortly there after, was moved to a small quiet country town in North Carolina. When she was a little girl, she would play in the muddy creeks catching frogs and salamanders. As she grew up, she switched from amphibians to Barbie, cutting her hair and doing her make up. In her twenties, Shannon decided to trade in the small mountain town she grew up in, for a warm, breezy beach town. Upon moving to the beach, she decided to go to cosmetology school, and that's where she found her passion for period style 

Morgan- Estehtician + Hair Stylist + Make Up Artist

Morgan Harrell is a talented esthetician with a flare for make up, and enthusiasm for the beauty industry. She has been working in the field for six years, and is here at earthBound providing spa services, hair services, and lash services! Morgan demonstrates the ability to perform advanced make up skills on clients of different skin types, and face shapes. She thrives in doing make up for weddings, proms, and special events. She has a strong visual sense, and creative imagination as well as being goal oriented and building lasting relationships with her clients. Morgan has her cosmetology license, and has studied under Priscilla Ono, a world renowned make up artist. As well as being certified in esthetics, and cosmetology, Morgan is also certified in Borboleta Lash Extensions. She attended Inspiring Champions to further her education in the business side of the beauty industry. 

Renee Feliu - Permanent Make-Up

Renee has been specializing in facial restoration through permanent makeup since 2007, and apprenticed for another two years before that.  She has special training in advanced medical scar camouflage, hair stroke Brows, lip enhancement and areola replacement.  Renee loves doing permanent makeup for one powerful reason: changing lives for the better.  As a Carolina Beach girl, Renee can be found on her boat when not in her studio working.  In addition to being at the beach, Renee loves any service available at earthBound to help her unwind and relax!

Fun Q+A:

What are your favorite shoes?  Flip-Flops

What is your favorite book?  Any old book!

What is your favorite quote?  "Harm no one."

Rachel Taylor- Nail Tech

Rachel is a nail technician by day and a professional ballerina by night. She has been creating magic on fingers and toes since 2007.  She has a special talent for pedicures, and will leave you feeling relaxed every time.  Rachel has a way of connecting with her clients, and making sure they feel comfortable, and pampered during their time in her chair. Her attention to detail while working shows beautifully and the smiles on her client's faces when they leave says it all.  When she is not showing her talents in the spa, she is in Ballet classes and rehearsals, as well as working her mind, body, and spirit in Yoga and Pilates classes. 

Where would you love to travel to next? Hawaii

Whats your favorite service to receive at earthBound? Facial and Massages

Whats your favorite way to stay in shape? Pilates and yoga

Demetrice Irizarry- Massage Therapist

Demetrice (NC LMBT #14861) is a therapist that takes care to make connections with her clients in order to provide a phenomenal massage experience! Her technique blends elements of Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, stretching, and energy work (Reiki) to bring the most tailored massage for your current, and long term needs. 


What is your favorite quote? "Not all those who wander are lost." -J.R.R. Tolkien

What is your favorite thing to cook at home? Close tie between Japanese Ramen and Pad Thai

What's your favorite way to stay in shape? Zumba/Dancing and Yoga

Jim Whitley- Massage Therapist

Jim graduated as Valedictorian with an Associate's Degree in Specialized Business as a Professional Massage Therapy specialist. His favorite thing about being a massage therapist is having the freedom to pull from a multitude of modalities to tailor treatment to each person according to their needs. These modalities include extensive knowledge in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Reflexology, Cranio-sacral, Prenatal Massage, Aroma Therapy, acupressure, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphocytic Drainage, and a Master  of Reiki. When Jim isn't here at the spa making his clients feel their very best, he fills his free time with family, a nice book, or playing his guitar.

What is your favorite quote? "There are two emotions; love and fear, so love much, and fear not." -Jim Whitley

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things MUST you have? Food, shelter, and a guitar.

What is your favorite thing to cook at home? I enjoy cooking everything on the grill from fruits and vegetables to select meats.

Makayla White- Nail Tech

Where would you like to travel next? I would love to travel to Indonesia next.

What's your favorite thing to cook at home? Green Chile Enchiladas

What's your favorite quote? "What lies behind us and what lies beyond us, are small matters compared to what lies within us." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

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