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The Top 10 Reasons why Permanent Make-Up Should Be In Your Life: 

1.  Convenience                 

​2.  Allergies or sensitive skin

3.  Glasses or Contacts

4.  Arthritis or shaky hands

5.  Difficulty applying makeup



6.  Aging changes

7.  Active outdoor lifestyles

8.  Smudging or smearing

9.  Hair loss

10. Always be ready to go!


has been transforming women since the year 2000 as a make up artist in the Wilmington area, specializing in brow contouring.  As a licensed esthetician and micro-pigmentation artist, her focus is on pigmentation and anti-aging.  Loan is certified in the Softap method and specializes in microblading.   





Permanent Cosmetics is the art of implanting color to the eyelash line, lips, or eyebrow region in order to improve a client's appearance. This is a great solution for women who pencil their eyebrows, color and re-shape their lips every day, or simply for anyone who wears eyeliner! Women who don't wear makeup can enjoy the benefits of natural permanent cosmetics as well. Experienced professionals apply permanent makeup exactly the way you design it, using either a specially developed machine or gentle hand tools. 




Also known as the Softap method or Micro-pigmentation, this is the method where pigment is placed between the 5th and 6th layers of the epidermis (the 7 layers of outer skin).  There is no electric machine involved and you are prepared with a good numbing agent.  The only sensation involved is a “plucking “ feeling. All needles are new, used only once and disposed of.  When this method is performed correctly, there is no risk of disease transmission because the single-use tools are sterile and disposable.


The “tapping method” creates very soft color. This method will not destroy the hair follicle and there is very little trauma to the skin and tissues.   Healing time is 5-7 days and swelling is minimal; like you had cried.


The slight disadvantage of this method is that applications are usually done twice (about 30 days apart).  The results will last 3-5 years with a little maintenance. After that, if not reapplied, it will fade away as the last layer of skin is pushed to the surface.  BUT, when you are talking about brows and liner remember styles change. The last thing you want to do is to be wearing a 2015 style in 2025! 





The results of permanent cosmetics vary depending on the method used to implant the color, the colors used, and the environmental factors.  The sun, facial cleansers, skin care products, and natural exfoliation will cause your permanent make up to fade faster than other forms of body art, as your face is more exposed to these environments.





As a result of this, permanent cosmetics do require a small amount of maintenance to stay looking great. This does not mean that the procedure is not permanent!  The pigment particles implanted on your first visit do remain in your skin, they just need to be touched up from time to time to look truly fabulous. Our colors are renowned as "the most beautiful and natural pigments."





Before any procedures, we spend ample time determining the exact measurements and placement of your permanent cosmetics so you get the precise look you desire.

A very powerful numbing agent is used for your comfort and safety. Each procedure will take approximately 90 minutes. Most clients are fine to drive home and experience little or no swelling or bruising is expected.  




Pricing Includes: Consultation, permanent makeup first visit, 30 day follow up visit.

BROWS  |  Microblading $450

BROWS  |  Powder Brow $450

BROWS  |  Nano Brows  $500

BROWS  |  Combo Brows $550

EYELINER  |  Full Eyeliner  $400

EYELINER  |  Lash Enhancement  $300

LIPS  |  Lip Enhancement  $550

Corrective Coloring  |  Priced Upon Consulation


2-5 year re-touch visits:

Please request quote.




Permanent makeup eyeliner can give you full, sexy lash lines that are maintenance free and natural looking. No smudge or running ever.  Your choices in permanent eyeliner colors and options are huge!  Go with a natural subtle eyelash enhancement to a full sexy eyeliner customized to your own lifestyle and style.  Just imagine you wake up with beautiful smudge proof eyeliner every morning... just add mascara and go! 


Your eyes can show your age and they are the focal point of your face. Now you can get that sparkle in your eye again with more defined beautiful soft colors to accentuate your beautiful eyes. Permanent eyeliner can help to soften the lines around your eyes as well as add color and dimension. 





Now you can have beautiful, full, and feathery permanent eyebrows with Permanent Make-Up. Wake up every morning with perfectly shaped brows and you have no need to worry about it any more. 


With Permanent Make-Up, we create full, and well-shaped brows that are youthful and attractive. Many people use permanent make up to fill in and shape eyebrows that are sparse, uneven, or even unshapely. Most women who have these issues use an eyebrow pencil daily to correct these flaws, but now you can have permanent eyebrows created instead!





You smile with your lips, talk with your lips and laugh with your lips!  Your lips are one of your most prominent features on your face.  Now you can have attractive lips that are smooth, moisturized and stunning. Permanent lip make up and  lip liner offers many options for that youthful pouty mouth.  


Do you spend time coloring and lining your lips each day?  Now you won't have to worry about your lipstick coming off or smearing... it can be permanent 24 hours a day!  Permanent Lip Cosmetics offers the natural way to look your best.  Your options are endless. You can have a slight shape adjustment to a complete recoloring of your existing lips.  The best part is that your results are natural, only you will know the difference!





The loss of head and facial hair, including eyelashes and eyebrows, may occur as a result of illness and or treatment.  Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are life-saving but may leave you staring at yourself in the mirror wondering where your hair went.  Other conditions such as thyroid disease and alopecia can also cause total hair loss. Then there are also accidental causes such a car accident or a facelift.  Sometimes the hair will grow back, however, often times eyelashes and eyebrows do not.  Eyelashes and eyebrows can be restored with permanent make up. Learn more..


If you've suffered permanent loss of the eyebrows and eyelashes, or loss of the natural areola due to breast surgery,  micro pigmentation or permanent makeup can help.




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