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Preparing and healing from your Permanent Make-Up procedure is simple.  By following the suggested protocol, you will heal quickly and maintain the integrity of the work.


Please read below for instructions specific to each procedure.



Expect light to moderate swelling and redness.  Use cold witch hazel pads to minimize swelling the day of and the morning after the procedure.  Use A&D Ointment thinly on treated area for 2-3 days.  When the area feels tight, dry or itches, it's a good way to know when you need to use A&D.  You must not use mascara for 3 days.  When ready to begin using mascara again, make sure it is NEW to avoid contamination.



Expect your color to be dark for the first few days after the procedure.  Some swelling, thickness or redness may also be slightly visible.  Keep lightly glossed with A&D Ointment for 3-4 days.  Use Dial liquid soap and pat dry to clean area.



Expect moderate swelling for 1-2 days following your procedure.  Apply either ice or witch hazel for the first few hours.  Keep the area moist throughout the day for 5-7 days.  Then, switch to a product for lips with SPF 15 or higher, as the sun tends to fade lip color quickly.  The color will be very bright for a  few days until the epidermis sloughs off.  It will then appear that you have lost all of your color, however, when your lips have healed completely (21 days), the dermal layer will gradually become darker.  Two to three applications may be required to achieve the desired results.  It is common to lose 70% of color on the first application.  Use children's toothpaste for the first week after your procedure.  Drink through a straw for the first 2 days.  NO hot utensils should come in contact with your lips until the sloughing is complete.



Keep area away from water for 24 hours.  Keep moist with A&D Ointment for 3-5 days.  no vigorous exercise for 24 hours.  Medical tattooing is a process NOT a procedure; it may take 2-3 applications to get desired results and color maintenance is required every 1-2 years.  All Natural Touch Technicians will perform these procedures at just a "Set-Up" fee of $90.  This includes Areola Restoration, Vitilago, Alopecia of Eyelashes or Trichotillomania.  A Doctor's release is required for all medical tattooing.


DO NOT pick or scrape treated areas. 

NO sun or tanning bed exposure for 5 days.

It is common to lose 30%-50% of color during healing process.



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